CDI offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for all lending needs and for achieving scale and market penetration

In today's turbulent environment, pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities alike from navigating the health and economic implications of the pandemic to changing demands of the continent, and most importantly, new Vaccine protocols needed to jumpstart the economy.

To face the new normal, manufacturers should not expect business as usual, they need to significantly enhance capacity to respond to opportunities while ensuring that the capital structure and the level of performance does not drop. Our research has shown that only 3 percent of local manufacturers have a flexible plan that can accommodate new COVID-19 realities and stay relevant beyond the present pandemic.


Over 45-years of combined experience of in the Pharmaceutical supply chain and Transaction Advisory

  • Financing options to scale

    We help suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to obtain favorable interest rates, and secure great financing options to scale operations.

  • Technology support

    We empower suppliers on CDI with technology support for mass production and made-to-order manufacturing that ensure manufacturers meet market demands.

  • Independent advisory

    We provide independent and objective advisory that actively explores market opportunities thereby funding and technology are fit for purpose.

  • Key partnerships and collaborations

    We support suppliers and buyers on CDI with key partnerships and collaborations that is tailor made for their objectives.

  • Market intelligence

    We provide market intelligence based on realtime data and machine intelligence that guarantees best fit for both buyers and sellers on CDI.

CDI Services

CDI Services

Delivering live changing solutions using technology and real-time data.

Transforming the lives of 1.2 billion Africans by providing cost effective access to essential medicines and health products.


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