Sell on CDI

Sell on CDI

The Connecting the Dots Initiative (CDI) platform is an online procurement platform that serves as a 'one stop shop' allowing sellers of COVID-19 products to sell products to countries across Africa; thus, as a manufacturer, agent or distributor for PPEs, Laboratory Consumables, Chemical Reagents, Laboratory Stains, Pharmaceutical products, COVID-19 testing kits and Clinical Management equipment such as Patient Monitors, Thermometers, Oxygen Concentrators. CDI is the place to be.

Launched in August 2020, the platform has onboarded over 150 suppliers with more than 400 major product categories and we are happy to say that demand for COVID-19 products has exceeded the number of onboarded products; hence there is a need to have more sellers on the platform offering competitive pricing to a continually growing demand pool.

The platform also supports African governments, Healthcare Institutions across the continent to procure COVI-19 vaccines and products on the WHO Essential Medicines list.

As a demand aggregator, the CDI platform provides access to markets across Africa and beyond, making the platform the right place for you to sell your products. The platform ensures that there is always a demand for your products in new markets beyond your current reach.

As a seller on CDI you only need to take some simple steps in order to complete your onboarding process and you will have access to a world of new buyers like never before.

Below are the steps:
1. Click the login button
2. Create an account with CDI
3. Click the bulk upload button
4. Follow the instructions and upload your products

1. Go to https://www.CDI/sourcing and click on 'Sell Your Products'
2. A form is displayed that allows you to upload the product details for all the products that you want to sell;

Once you've uploaded your products, the CDI team will be in touch within 24 hours to complete the onboarding process for your company...that is all you have to do and you are ready to sell to millions of new customers.

As a manufacturer or distributor of Pharmaceuticals and COVID-19 products, you can register by providing information on your company and products by filling our Supplier Onboarding Form here Once we receive your submission, we will kick off our onboarding process. If there are no questions on your submission, then the next steps when we contact you will be to:
1. Verify product quality standard and certifications
2. Discuss an order received
3. Execute a Supplier Services Agreement
4. Process any order received At CDI we look forward to welcoming your business and creating a world of opportunities together!

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