Request Credit Financing to meet your Supply or Demand requests

We believe access to finance is at the core of any transaction experience.

We know that both buyers and sellers on CDI can perform optimally when a suitable variety of financing support mechanisms are made available. Whether you are seeking working capital financing or trade financing, the CDI platform meets your needs.

Through the CDI platform's partnerships with all the major banks and finance institutions on the African Continent, we ensure that our clients have access to the right credit financing opportunities.

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"Here to support African businesses through the economic recovery process"

Reasons to borrow

Working capital
Stock and equipment
Increase market penetration
Scale production capacity
Trade financing
Cover a one-off cost

Refinancing: Getting better deals that work harder for your business.

CDI's Refinancing helps businesses to free up cash flow and reduce the cost of long-term borrowing. With better liquidity, businesses can generate more profit or re-invest the extra cash in scaling the business, buying equipment, inventory, and other business support activities.

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Pay less for existing loans
Raise additional funds or extend loan terms
Versatile and simple to arrange
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