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Buy on CDI

The Connecting the Dots Initiative (CDI) platform has transformed the landscape for procuring healthcare products in Africa. The CDI is now being recommended as Africa's preeminent procurement platform for medical devices and pharmaceutical products for several reasons.

The platform functions as a Demand and Supply Aggregator enabling procuring organisations to purchase products with ease, knowing that the CDI platform ensures the highest levels of standards, pricing, logistics, delivery and financing.

The CDI trend analysis feature provides accurate information about product availability in the market. This intelligence enables manufacturers to be able to forecast demand and repurpose their facilities to manufacture new products and supply new markets. The algorithm that supports the trend analysis feature of the CDI supports procuring organisations that provide their future demand patterns to CDI by matching future demand with optimised pricing.

Through its real-time dashboard that informs both the supplier and the buyer about the number of products that are available on the platform, the platform offers African governments, health institutions and NGO's across the continent a platform with optimised market capabilities which in turn delivers competitive pricing.

CDI affords institutions and entities procuring small quantities of products the same opportunities it affords countries and large organisations through its pooled procurement algorithm; thus, combining the orders of several buyers into a single entity so that suppliers and manufacturers across Africa have access to a bigger market at an optimised price.

At the core of the transaction experience on CDI is the ease of payment. The platform is in partnership with all the major banks and finance institutions on the continent, thereby ensuring ease of transactions and the right access to credit financing across Africa.

By eliminating the complexities around product delivery and logistics, the CDI platform has resolved one of Africa's biggest challenges. In order to make ease of logistical support a reality, the CDI platform has formed an alliance with Africa's leading logistics companies; thus, these partnerships allow us to serve every major city in the continent using the most efficient supply chain network.

Finally, in order to ensure that procurement experience on CDI is excellent, we have narrowed the procurement process into 3 simple steps:
1. Search for products on the home page https://CDI or select any category of product you are interested in
2. Click Place Order. A form opens up that asks for some key information on the order
3. The CDI team receives your order and will be in touch within 24 hours to process your order

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on buying on the CDI platform.

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